As professional and experienced counselors with specialties in massage and acupuncture, Anna Freeman MA, MT and Christl Giggenbach MS, L.Ac have developed a unique approach to healing and personal growth. This women’s support group is designed to help women learn more about how trauma impacts your whole-self. Women will also learn how to deal with the symptoms of trauma, anxiety, depression and PTSD by exploring the interrelatedness of our mind, body and soul.

Women take on stress and trauma differently so we have created a program of healing through psychotherapy and holistic wellness in a group environment, where trained therapists help women to support each other through shared experience. It will be a six week program, held once a week, with an integrative approach to building skills and managing symptoms. We will also focus addressing symptoms through the development of emotional and physical self care skills for comprehensive mind and body healing.

Program Structure:

  • Sections 1 & 2 – Creating ground rules and contracts as group as well as building a support system, creating safety and goal setting.
  • Sections 3 & 4 – Healthy Boundaries and exploring belief systems.
  • Sections 5 & 6 – Grief and Loss, Addiction, Shame, and Rational vs Irrational.
  • Sections 7 – 10 – Self Care, humor, affirmations, and self esteem.
  • Sections 10 – 12 – Healing, Rituals, and incorporate DBT therapies.

**Please note: This group is currently not available, however I still provide a variety of women’s support options so for more information and / or an initial consultation, call Anna at 970.903.0465 or email me.