Durango Counseling

Durango Counseling – Anna Freeman, LPC (Durango Counseling & Touch Therapies, LLC) is the private practice of licensed professional Durango counselor Anna Freeman, LPC.  Anna knows that every path to healing is different and she focuses on unique and innovative counseling therapies to help clients through whatever challenges they face including traditional counseling, mindfulness, body centered psychotherapy, and much more.

Anna provides counseling and therapy services in Durango, Colorado, focusing on helping clients to achieve their peak mental and emotional health. Anna specializes in treating emotional and behavioral issues including trauma, anxiety, depression, couples therapy, and more. In therapy, she utilize a variety of treatment modalities including Body Centered Psychotherapy, DBT (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy), CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), traditional talk therapy, and much more.

Anna’s educational background includes a Masters Degree in community counseling and a degree in Massage Therapy and she has been practicing in Durango since 2006. Learn more about my treatment modalities and about how she can help you or someone you care about today.

Durango Counseling – Anna Freeman, LPC