I am a licensed professional community counselor and massage therapist in Durango, Colorado that specializes in counseling and therapeutic body work. My journey began with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado and continued in 2004 when I pursued my massage certification and completed the program at Rocky Mountain School of Healing Arts in 2005.

While completing my massage certification, I simultaneously pursued my Masters in Community Counseling from Adams State College and completed that program in 2007. I completed my national LPC licensure in 2010 which allows me to accept many insurances. As a counselor and a registered massage therapist, I have dedicated myself to helping people heal from mental and physical trauma and disorders and I began Durango Counseling and Touch Therapies to do just that.

As a body worker, I have a passion for helping people alleviate pain as well as achieve deep relaxation. I started Healing Heart Massage, a successful massage practice, while pursuing my Counseling education and focused on a specialty in deep tissue massage therapy and trauma work with a goal of helping people work through everything from mild to chronic pain.

After the completion of my counseling degree, I changed the name of my practice to Durango Counseling and Touch Therapies to be more inclusive of my adult and adolescent counseling services. Because physical pain can have a profound impact on people’s lives, affecting peoples mental health in a variety of ways, Counseling was a very natural complement to my bodywork specialty.

During my professional development, I have gained significant experience working with a variety of mental health and non-profit social welfare agencies including the Southwest Mental Health Center, Our Sisters Keeper, the Southwest Safehouse and many more.

Through all of my professional and educational experiences, I have developed a unique focus on new and progressive holistic therapies that recognize and respect the inherent correlation between the mental and the physical. As a massage therapist, I strive to help people live healthier lives and help them to mitigate and manage pain. As a counselor, I strive to help people find personal peace throughout all challenges in life including trauma, anxiety, and depression. I look forward to serving my community and I hope for the chance to work with you or someone you care about.