Durango Counseling and Touch Therapies is the innovative and holistic-focused private practice of Licensed Professional Counselor Anna Freeman, MA, LPC, MT – providing counseling services in Durango and treating members of the Four Corners community. I am a nationally licensed and experienced counselor practicing in Durango, Colorado since 2006 as a trained body-worker with a Masters Degree in community counseling and a degree in Massage Therapy.

Durango Counseling and Touch Therapies provides comprehensive and innovative services to support clients in achieving mental, emotional, and physical health. With a variety of treatments and modalities to help clients to regain control and harmony in their lives, Durango Counseling and Touch Therapies provides the following services:

Counseling Services:

To learn more about my body-work and massage services, please visit my Touch Therapies site at www.DurangoTouchTherapies.com. My body-work specialties include:

In addition to traditional counseling and bodywork, Durango Counseling and Touch Therapies also specializes in innovative and holistic treatments that focus on Mind and Body wellness such as Integrated Somatic Therapy (ISPT) and Dialectal Behavioral Therapy (DBT). Integrated Somatic Psychotherapy (ISPT) is a unique Body Centered Therapy that offers a new way of looking at wellness with a more complete and comprehensive focus through integrating a mental and physical treatment plan. Click here to learn more about ISPT.

I am excited to offer this wide variety of services because I believe that counseling is not a dirty word and that you can create the life that you have always wanted. The power of change and peace is within your reach.

Please call me at 970.903.0465 or email me today to find out more and begin your path to wellness today!