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Trauma and the Brain

What happens in the human mind when something traumatic happens? How do this process effect ones everyday life and functioning? Why is it important to understand what happens in the mind when a traumatic event occurs and how can it help us cope with PTSD, anxiety and depression that commonly occurs as a result?

2016-09-22T08:19:28-06:00September 22, 2016|

Clinical Trauma Professional Certification

I find myself so often in awe of people's power and, most of all, their resiliency to the challenges that they face. As a result, trauma work has always called to me because there are so many times I have had the pleasure of watching people overcome their unique challenges that can seem so insurmountable, where the easy choice would be to give up and instead they thrive.

2016-09-22T08:50:07-06:00September 22, 2015|

Traditional Counseling

Traditional counseling services are time tested and evidenced based approaches to helping people work through a variety of life's challenges. Durango Counseling, as a licensed and insured professional counselor, utilizes a variety of traditional counseling techniques to help my clients in their personal growth.

2016-09-22T08:46:02-06:00January 7, 2013|

Body Centered Psychotherapy

The mind and the body are indelibly interconnected. Integrated Somatic Psychotherapy (ISPT) is a unique form of Body Centered Psychotherapy in Durango, CO which we have developed to people that have suffered from trauma to reintegrate the connection between the mind and the body.

2015-09-22T09:38:02-06:00November 8, 2012|

DBT Therapy

DBT stands for Dialectical Behavior Therapy – an innovative and [...]

2012-11-18T18:41:02-07:00November 7, 2012|
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