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Trauma and the Brain

What happens in the human mind when something traumatic happens? How do this process effect ones everyday life and functioning? Why is it important to understand what happens in the mind when a traumatic event occurs and how can it help us cope with PTSD, anxiety and depression that commonly occurs as a result?

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Clinical Trauma Professional Certification

I find myself so often in awe of people's power and, most of all, their resiliency to the challenges that they face. As a result, trauma work has always called to me because there are so many times I have had the pleasure of watching people overcome their unique challenges that can seem so insurmountable, where the easy choice would be to give up and instead they thrive.

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The Power of Touch

I recently came across an article titled "Trauma Touch Therapy" Karrie Mowen (Osborn) which did a great job of describing the benefits of touch for survivors of sexual and physical abuse. The article discuss how touch can help those who have been violated by touch and how they can slowly begin to integrate touch back in their lives in a safe and nurturing manner.

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Counseling Is Not A Dirty Word

Seeking help when you really need it is one of the most courageous and difficult things that someone can do for themselves. Asking for help can be scary and intimidating while, simultaneously, one of the best things that we can do to start creating the life that we have always wanted.

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Challenging Our Beliefs With The Rule Of 6

The rule of six states that for "each apparent phenomenon you should devise at least six plausible explanations." While there may be many more explanations, if you can develop six, it will help you become conscious to the vast array of possibilities that exist and prevent you from insisting on one right truth.

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Stress Got You Down?

From that nagging voice of irritation in your head to debilitating depression and anxiety, we all feel it. Some studies suggest that 75% of people get “stressed out” at least 2 times per month and that over 25% of the drugs prescribed in our country are sold to treat it. Alternatively, stress is a condition that can be very effectively treated in various other ways including massage, acupuncture, and counseling/therapy.

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Battling the Baby Blues

Too often, moms think that they have to continue to do it all as they did before they were pregnant. The fact is, however, that your body is going to undergo incredible change, both physically and hormonally and women will usually find themselves depleted, exhausted and overwhelmed.

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Women’s Support Group

This women's support group is designed to help women learn more about how trauma impacts your whole-self. Women will also learn how to deal with the symptoms of trauma, anxiety, depression and PTSD by exploring the interrelatedness of our mind, body and soul.

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